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So, now we have your attention. Now you ask how much?

First because every house/building is different, consider this for some perspective:

For less money than a year cell phone charges. the average whole house permanent magnet physical water treatment system from MagTec/GMX will address your hard water problems for as long as you own your home with no additional cost.

Small homes with moderately hard water:

Basic 3-Unit System
3 x $200.00  = $600.00 FREE Shipping & Handling

Standard 5-Unit System
5 x $200.00 =$1000.00 FREE Shipping & Handling

Deluxe 7-Unit System
7 x $200.00 = $1400.00 FREE Shipping & Handling

If for some reason your water becomes harder, you add to your home, or you would just like to give it an extra boost, you can order extra units at $200.00/unit + FREE Shipping & Handling


Available Systems


These prices are for :

Model 800 3/4″ – 1 1/4″ pipe size
Model 848 1 1/2″ – 2 1/2″ pipe size

For evap coolers, ice machines, Fuel lines and etc we have smaller units. Please call us for pricing.

Model 8000 for 3″ to 10″ pipes and commercial/industrial applications. For pricing please contact us.

If you need us to install our products for you, our charges are:

100 Miles or less from Albuquerque; $15/unit.