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When it comes to hard water, there are two treatment options


United States Water Hardness Map

If you have hard water, it can make life miserable. Effects like scale buildup in your pipes and poor lathering in the shower are not only incontinent, they can be expensive. Advertising from big water softener companies makes water softeners sound like a great solution to hard water issues… until you add up the costs of equipment, chemicals, maintenance and damage to the environment. That’s why millions of people are going back to natures solution to treatment for hard water … physical water treatment. Compare the options:

    Physical Water Treatment

    Chemical Water Treatment

At MagTec we work exclusively with Physical Water Treatment, specifically Magnetic Fluid Conditioning as we believe it is the safest, most environmentally sound way to treat hard water. It also happens to be very cost effective! Learn more.

  1. Eco-friendly: Does not waste water, uses no chemicals
  2. Healthy: Ads no salts to your water, leaves the natural healthy minerals suspended in solution, where they belong.
  3. Affordable: Less than 1/3 the price of water softeners, no ongoing costs or maintenance
  4. Effective: Treats the concerns of hard water… without using chemicals to “soften it.” Prevents scale buildup, makes your shampoo later better.

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